The Script – Nothing (DJ Kue Remix)

DJ Kue is another one of those artists who never disappoints. Overall, we just love his song choices and the progression each track goes through. Kue is not afraid to switch up genres either (see below).
Download: The Script – Nothing (DJ Kue Remix)

Wiz Khalifa – No Sleep (DJ Kue Remix) [Click to Download]


Milkman – Words

This is the definition of rager. No wonder Milkman was a student of UCSB and performed in Isla Vista on the regular. My partner and I are surprised we never saw him. Oh how I miss you IV. Well, enjoy the song it’ll get you drunk on noise alone.
Download: Milkman – Words

Huey Mack – Alive

We’ve been a fan of WVU’s Huey Mack for awhile now so we’re glad to hear new material. We still haven’t found out who the vocals are but Huey lays down some serious bars. Make sure to grab his latest mixtape below and listen to a few of our favorites.
Download: Huey Mack – Alive

FRS Favorites:
Huey Mack – Looking At The Sky
Huey Mack – Meant For Us

Download: Freshman 15 (Mixtape)

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T.I. – Big Shit Poppin’ (Two Fresh Remix) + I’m Flexin’ (ft. Big K.R.I.T.)

I love remixes that you never see coming. As soon as the beat drops you’ll be hooked, just as I was. Check out their Facebook too.
Download: T.I. – Big Shit Poppin’ (Two Fresh Remix)

Here’s T.I.’s first track he’s called his own in quite some time.
Download: T.I. – I’m Flexin’

Sex Ray Vision – All Of You (ft. Cilla Chan)

Stanford’s Sex Ray Vision will not give us a break. Their last instrumental was the best one we’ve heard since SuperVision’s ‘Arcane,’ and now we get a new song with some vocals. This time the duo recruited fellow student Cilla Chan to sing over their all-to-familiar synths, which of course means you’ll be humming this all weekend. Enjoy.
Download: Sex Ray Vision – All Of You

Sex Ray Vision – Lex Luthor [Click to Download]

Throwback Thursday: Olu – Give You More + Don’t Let Me Go + Time After Time

So with Olu officially stating on Twitter that he’s quit smoking the ganja, we thought we’d dedicate this weeks Throwback Thursday to him. Why? Because we’re under the impression his music will fade without the influence. Some people just create amazing art while on drugs and he was one of them. Hopefully we’re proven wrong.

Olu – Give You More
Olu – Don’t Let Me Go [Click to Download]
Olu – Time After Time

Make sure to download all his free mixtapes in our mixtape section.

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Maroon 5 – Moves Like Jagger (Remix) [ft. Mac Miller & Christina Aguilera]

When Mac Miller first tweeted that he was hoping on a remix of Maroon 5’s hit track ‘Moves Like Jagger,’ I didn’t know what to think. But after giving the song a few listens and hearing Mac do his thing I’m very pleased with the final product. We’re sure you will feel the same way so give it a listen..

Beau Young Prince – Cola Bottle

D.C. native Young Prince just released his first track after being signed to the TMG label. After posting his Beautiful Things mixtape not too long ago, we were pretty excited to hear his first official track. Too bad though, we’ll probably just keep listening to his independent material for now. How about you?

Beau Young Prince – Side Room
Beau Young Prince – Wake Up

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