Khat – Voodoo Child (New Mixtape)

Just watch the video above and you’ll quickly realize why Toronto’s Khat is making some serious noise on the blogosphere. He just released an 8-song mixtape so check the samples below then grab the whole thing. It’s worth it.

Khat – Raised By Wolves
Khat – Ring of Fire
Khat – Voodoo Child

Download Voodoo Child here.


One comment on “Khat – Voodoo Child (New Mixtape)

  1. Regardless of whether he is a member of XO or not, this guy’s a joke if that’s what he calls sampling:Voodoo Child = Zeds Ded – Rude BoyRaised by Wolves = Purity Ring – LofticriesRing of Fire = Awolnation – SailRitalin = Gorillaz – All AloneHomeless = Digital Farm Animals – (I Wanna Go) HomeThe Flooding = Rennie Foster – Devil’s Water (Reprise) = Cat Power – Troubled Waters Fire Red = Gotye – Hearts A Mess (3am Mix)Magic Touch = DropxLife – LightxSome = Clint Mansell – Coney Island DreamingMumbles = DropxLife – KingsxCrossFeather/Creep = Radiohead – Creep (DFA Remix) Anyone recognizes any other songs dude has used?The videos are stolen, too, obviously:Carpark North – HumanOur Day Will Come/Notre Jour Viendra (Trailer).. to name just two.Stop the hype. Don’t give this guy any credit. That’s just totally undeserved.

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