Chuuwee – Watching the Throne (New Mixtape)

Out of all the emerging emcees, Chuuwee from Sacramento has to have accumulated the biggest buzz. If you’re going to base your album on the fall of the Jay-Z and Kanye West’s ‘throne,’ you better have the raps to back it up. ‘Joe Jackson’ is still the best example of this young emcee’s flow, but ‘Watching The Throne’ is a sick take on the famous beat too. Check the samples then grab the whole tape below.

Chuuwee – Joe Jackson (A Tyrant’s Rage)
Chuuwee – Celebrate (Ft. Sundown of Actual Proof)
Chuuwee – Watching The Throne (Through Rifle & Scope)
Chuuwee – Here Yee Here Yee

Download: Chuuwee – Watching the Throne (Mixtape)

By feelrealswag716 Posted in Hip Hop

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