Aer – Smoove Bruh

Another chill track from the hip hop duo known as Aer.
Download: Are – Smoove Bruh


Gorillaz – DoYaThing (ft. Andre 3000 & James Murphy)

It’s been a while but the Gorillaz are back, this time teaming up with Andre 3000 and James Murphy for a track off Converse’s 3 Artists, 1 Song mixtape.
Download: Gorillaz – DoYaThing (ft. Andre 3000 & James Murphy)

Kid Cudi – Dose of Dopeness (Prod. Dot Da Genius)

Apparently this track has been around for a while as an unfinished version, but was just recently released in full form by Dot himself. This will not appear not he duo’s collaboration album WZRD, but all in all it’s a great track that should get everyone pumped for the project’s release on the 28th. Enjoy!
Download: Kid Cudi – Dose of Dopeness

WZRD (Kid Cudi & Dot Da Genius) – Teleport 2 Me, Jamie (ft. Desire)

By now most of you have probably heard the news. The much-anticipated rock album by Kid Cudi and longtime friend and collaborator Dot Da Genius has been pushed back till the end of February. The only good thing about the delayed release, though, is that Kid Cudi promised to drop the finished versions of ‘Teleport 2 Me, Jamie’ and ‘Brake,’ which we heard snippets of a few months back. Here’s ‘Teleport 2 Me, Jamie’ as a stream only, but if you can’t wait until February 28th for the download grab them both off Amazon here.

WZRD – Teleport 2 Me, Jamie (ft. Desire)

Cris Cab – Put In Work (Prod. by Wyclef & Sedeck)

I’ve been a fan of Cris Cab mostly because all hip-hop artists went through a Cris Cab-sample phase at one point or another in 2011. Besides that, I didn’t find much appeal in the 18-year-old musician out of Miami. Steering away from being mostly a cover artist though, Cris’ new track off his upcoming Echo Boom mixtape is definitely an eye-opener for me. Linking up with Wyclef Jean and his brother Sedeck, Cris Cab has found an interesting and innovative way to express his love for the Caribbean music, which promises an exciting year ahead. Plus anything sounding like Sublime, Bob Marley, and John Mayer combined is going hook me right in. Enjoy.
Download: Cris Cab – Put In Work

In The Studio:

The Knocks – Brightside (’96 Bulls Remix)

For their latest offering, the Australian producing duo known as the ’96 Bulls rework the catchy Knocks track, “Brightside”. It has been a while since their last release, but hopefully this new upbeat track means we will be hearing more from the 96 Bulls this coming year.

Snow Patrol – Open Your Eyes (Sex Ray Vision Remix)

The producing duo from Stanford known as Sex Ray Vision are back, and their latest offering is a rework of Snow Patrol’s ‘Open Your Eyes.’ These guys continue to put out hit remixes, but it would be nice to hear some more original mixes in the future. Regardless, they work hard and this is just another great track so enjoy!
Download: Snow Patrol – Open Your Eyes (Sex Ray Vision Remix)

FRS Favorites:
Sex Ray Vision – Lex Luthor [Click to Download]
Sex Ray Vision – Forcefield [Click to Download]

Mashup Monday: DJ Bahler – Swimming In Solace (DJ Fergie Ferg Remix)

DJ Fergie Ferg hasn’t let us down yet. His newest remix takes DJ Bahler’s original mash of Blink-182, Kid Cudi, Bob Marley, and Passion Pit, and somehow creates a track that is both chill and upbeat. If you missed his last Childish Gambino remix, grab that below too.
Download: DJ Bahler – Swimming In Solace (DJ Fergie Ferg Remix)

DJ Fergie Ferg – Nightfire (Childish Gambino x Kavinsky) [Click to Download]