Bei Maejor – Special

Bei Maejor is one of the artists who can do pretty much anything. He writes, raps, sings, and produces, giving him a lot of options in the music industry. Check out his latest single from the Upscape EP dropping February 29th.
Download: Bei Maejor – Special


Mike Posner – Looks Like Sex (DJ Kue Extended Mix)

By now everyone has heard Mike Posner’s first single from his upcoming album Sky High. Well it looks like DJ Kue has caught on to the success of the dope track, and decided to add his signature upbeat style to “Looks Like Sex.” We hope to hear more Kue x Posner collaborations in the future, because when these two link up they can’t be stopped.
Download: Mike Posner – Looks Like Sex (DJ Kue Extended Mix)

Grouplove – Tongue Tied (Gigamesh Remix)

Smile, it’s Friday. Plus Gigamesh just dropped off his latest remix, in which he turns a Grouplove track into an instant dance hit. It won’t make you rage by any means, but hopefully it will help you get to that point. If this is your first time hearing Gigamesh just know his last remix of Theophilus London was titled the ‘Gigamesh Sunlight Remix’, so you know he’s bringing the good vibes. Enjoy!
Download: Grouplove – Tongue Tied (Gigamesh Remix)

FRS Favorite:
Grouplove – Colours (Skizzy Mars Remix) [Click to Download]

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Sex Ray Vision – Since U Been Gone (Kelly Clarkson Remix)

It was going to happen sooner or later. Good thing everyone loves this song. Standford’s Sex Ray Vision does a great job adding in their electro elements, but it could have been way more epic. Most likely this will just have you searching through your iTunes for the original.

Yuna – Live Your Life (Prod. by Pharrell) [Stream Only]

Anything Pharrell touches becomes pure gold, so I’m not surprised the laid back beat the Neptunes-producer cooked up for Yuna is insanely enjoyable. Combined with the FRS newcomer’s amazing vocals and inspiring lyrics, the tropical production only insures ‘Live Your Life’ as the best pop song so far this year.

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Cris Cab – Rihanna’s Gun (ft. Mavado & Wyclef)

After another impressive single from his upcoming mixtape Echo Boom, Miami’s Cris Cab continues to make me regret not jumping on the bandwagon last year. As I said for ‘Put In Work,’ his John Mayer/Sublime/Bob Marley sound is heavily influenced by the Caribbean but with an updated feel that quickly develops an addiction. The Wyclef Jean-produced ‘Rihanna’s Gun’ is island heavy, as Hypetrak calls it, but it’s exactly what I was hoping for (not another popish sounding reggae track). It just goes to further prove that Cris Cab is an innovator with a whole lot of swag. If you’re not feeling the new leak, try the previous one first. Once more, he’s changing his sound from track to track which makes for a more interesting jam session.

Cris Cab – Put In Work (Prod. by Wyclef & Sedeck) [Click to Download]

Daughter – The Youth (Love Thy Brother Dubstep Remix)

Words cannot describe the breakdown at 1:08. I was immediately hooked and thrown into a mind-state which Love Thy Brother did actually find words for:

“We wanted to take it and turn it on it’s head and instead of angst, give it that dreamy quality of a wild BUT happy youth – the teen years right before the moment when the cynicism of your twenties kicks in.”

SKetcho – Success Breaks (Jay-Z x MGMT)

We know the Philly-based producer SKetcho from his frequent collaborations with Aziz, but a new Jay-Z/MGMT blend album in the works means he’ll soon be a household name for mashups as well. With a guest appearance by Nas, ‘Success Breaks’ serves as some initial hype before the 12-track project drops later this year.