FRS Favorite: Bobb Deep – Got It Twisted

Happy Birthday to Bob Marley, who would have been 67 today. To celebrate here’s an amazing track off DJ Swindle’s blend album Queensbridge Meets Kingston, in which Mobb Deep and Bob Marley coexist beautifully. If for today only, let’s all try and be more like the late great musician.
Download: Bobb Deep – Got It Twisted


FRS Favorite: Cris Cab – One Thing (Prod. by Pharrell)

If you’re not excited about the release of Cris Cab’s Echo Boom mixtape tomorrow this should help. The Miami-native showcases his Caribbean-inspired, John Mayer-like sound particularly well on ‘One Thing,’ but check back tomorrow for the whole project.

Cris Cab – Rihanna’s Gun (ft. Mavado & Wyclef)

After another impressive single from his upcoming mixtape Echo Boom, Miami’s Cris Cab continues to make me regret not jumping on the bandwagon last year. As I said for ‘Put In Work,’ his John Mayer/Sublime/Bob Marley sound is heavily influenced by the Caribbean but with an updated feel that quickly develops an addiction. The Wyclef Jean-produced ‘Rihanna’s Gun’ is island heavy, as Hypetrak calls it, but it’s exactly what I was hoping for (not another popish sounding reggae track). It just goes to further prove that Cris Cab is an innovator with a whole lot of swag. If you’re not feeling the new leak, try the previous one first. Once more, he’s changing his sound from track to track which makes for a more interesting jam session.

Cris Cab – Put In Work (Prod. by Wyclef & Sedeck) [Click to Download]

Cris Cab – Put In Work (Prod. by Wyclef & Sedeck)

I’ve been a fan of Cris Cab mostly because all hip-hop artists went through a Cris Cab-sample phase at one point or another in 2011. Besides that, I didn’t find much appeal in the 18-year-old musician out of Miami. Steering away from being mostly a cover artist though, Cris’ new track off his upcoming Echo Boom mixtape is definitely an eye-opener for me. Linking up with Wyclef Jean and his brother Sedeck, Cris Cab has found an interesting and innovative way to express his love for the Caribbean music, which promises an exciting year ahead. Plus anything sounding like Sublime, Bob Marley, and John Mayer combined is going hook me right in. Enjoy.
Download: Cris Cab – Put In Work

In The Studio:

Rebelution – Meant To Be (Ft. Jacob Hemphill)

With a nice feature by Soldiers of Jah Army’s Jacob Hemphill, the second single from Rebelution’s upcoming album Peace of Mind turns out to be one dope reggae track. Even cooler is the fact that they will be releasing three different versions of the album, regular, dub, and acoustic, when it drops early next year. Check out their website for more free music.
Download: Rebelution – Meant To Be (Ft. Jacob Hemphill)

Rebelution – Safe and Sound (Zion-I Remix) [Click to Download]

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